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Why should you consider purchasing an industrial carousel as old as 14 years when you wouldn't think of buying a car that old?

Comparing a used carousel to a car affords a good analogy. The carousel has far fewer moving parts and a much simpler mechanical design; the carousel structure has not changed appreciatively for the past twenty years. It's simple yet robust structure gives it a long life much longer than a car. Even the most sophisticated carousel controller is still 1% of the complexity of an automobile computer.

And most importantly, ATI's rebuild process assures that the mechanical and electrical features of every unit are raised to strict standards of the original factory specification.

ATI's 7 Step Rebuild Process:

  • Test: Demonstrate operation of machine at point of purchase
  • Inspect: Track or rails for cracks and wear
  • Inspect: Electronics and wiring at dismantle site
  • Inspect and test: All bearings, rollers and wheels
  • Rebuild: All motors (gear reducers as needed) by professional
    motor shop
  • Cleaning: Thorough removal of grease and dirt
  • Repainting: Painting all or touch up where needed

What this means for you the buyer? While you are not likely to consider a 14 year old car, you should seriously consider ATI's Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules. Any unit in our pricing table can provide 5 to 10 and more years of productive service if operated properly, and your cost savings can be up to 50% off new!


Why should you chose ATI?

At ATI we always employ independent factory trained technicians to perform our disassemblies, our rebuild process and the subsequent installations. All our units have had this expert care and are installed by these same technical experts.

No other general US-wide rebuilder of automated material handling equipment employs highly skilled and therefore highly paid factory trained employees and technicians.

ATI has focused on this field exclusively since 1989; we are not rack and conveyor fellows who dabble in carousels. We excel as a company based on our reputation for providing the highest quality rebuilt equipment and skilled technicians to assemble them right.

  • ATI has been in business over 20 years successfully procuring and rebuilding automated equipment and designing and implementing carousel projects.
  • ATI has some of the most experienced technicians in the field - people who were trained by the manufacturers and continue to be upgraded by them. We use only factory trained technicians to disassemble and install our units.
  • All ATI installations are performed according to manufacturer’s factory specifications; this ensures a high quality job and removes any product liability for you the buyer.
  • Our units are dismantled and securely packaged on custom-made skids from original wood, for maximum strength.
  • ATI has a large inventory of pre-owned rebuilt automated storage units
  • Post installation support: ATI only sells equipment which can be supported with factory components through the manufacturer and/ or by ATI from its supply of spare parts.
  • ATI has a large stock of spare parts. You will never be at risk for mechanical or electronic components should they be needed.
  • ATI has the ability to repair control components and IC boards from any of the major manufacturers.
  • Warranty Protection: All of our units come with ATI’s Shield of Excellence Warranty for Parts and Labor (non-union) for ninety (90) days, longer periods are possible. In order to ensure the best quality workmanship for your installation, ATI exclusively employs factory trained technicians to supervise the dismantling, rebuilding and re-installation of your purchased equipment
  • At ATI we excel in professional and honest workmanship.