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ATI Corporation was founded by Bryan Kelly in 1995. Raised in Toronto, Canada, Bryan moved to the USA in 1982, where he has lived ever since with his family.

Bryan worked as an educator and self-employed builder, before earning an honors BA in communications and education in 1972, and an MBA in 1985. He worked in inventory accounting until 1989, when he joined a partnership specializing in the material handling field.

In one corporate form or another since then, Bryan has had the good fortune to focus his professional career on inventory management and productivity improvements utilizing automated hi-density storage and retrieval systems.

Bryan's goal for ATI has always been to conduct business with integrity and openness in order to provide state of the industry new and rebuilt automated storage and retrieval systems, to meet clients’ financial and operational requirements.

ATI has implemented automated storage systems from Germany to South Africa and across the entire US and Canada for all types of industry: biochemical, pharmaceutical, heavy and light manufacturing, electronics to name the main ones, and in the areas of industrial parts distribution, work-in-process inventory, maintenance parts storage, and service centers.





North Campus Park
1960 Sapphire Lane
Fairfield, IA 52556
Tel: 641.472.0941
Fax: 641.552.7185

Bryan Kelly, founder of Automation Technologies International (ATI)

Bryan Kelly, Founder of ATI

ATI is located in Fairfield, Iowa