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Efficient, economical storage with a small footprint; increases productivity and near 100% accuracy

Vertical Storage Units (VSU’s) are an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional storage and distribution. Making use of vertical overhead space avoids costly building expansion by creating high density storage on a greatly reduced foot print

Verticals bring the product directly to the operator, minimizing retrieval time, increasing worker productivity, supporting near 100% accuracy and maximizing ergonomics in the work space. Secure access via key card or more commonly a lock is a big plus for automated vertical storage.

To further maximize the efficiency of your new equipment ATI can provide interface to bar code equipment to maximize accuracy  and computer interface for managing inventory.

Applications of Vertical Automated Storage

VSU's are suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from stockroom to work-in-progress storage for light manufacturing. ATI offers both office and industrial carousels for light and heavy products. We can also provide specialized carousels to hold wire reels, wide load products (bar stock or pipes) or bulky products such as tires, pallets, etc.

  • Medium throughput stockrooms: maintenance and tool rooms, generally storing small items
  • Work in process (WIP): point of use storage for manufacturing cells
  • High security items: pharmaceuticals, documents, etc.
  • Small parts assembly: electronic components, kitting, instruments, etc.
  • High value-to-weight ratio items: jewels, contact lenses, etc.

Benefits of Using Automated Vertical Storage

Each carousel is ergonomically designed with the access window at optimum height for easy product retrieval, eliminating the need for bending, reaching and lifting products. The window also provides a wide pick face, allowing the operator to retrieve many different items without further rotation. Other benefits are:

  • Reduction in walk-and-search time: increased worker productivity
  • Automatic routing: product and goods arrive via shortest path
  • Greater accuracy: both for order processing and inventory control
  • Improved security: items are stored out of sight and can be locked away
  • Easy maintenance and high reliability: designed for trouble free use
  • User-friendly controls minimize worker training time








ATI’s rebuild business covers the entire field of automated hi-density manufacturers: the German group of Remstar, Megastar and Hanel, plus the sole US brand, White Systems (now SencorpWhite).


VERTICAL CAROUSELS: Operating like a Ferris wheel, by rotating all of the carriers (shelves) at once in a big loop, Verticals Carousels have the following advantages over other automated vertical storage, such as the Vertical Lift Module (VLM):

  • Vertical Carousels generally have a larger pick face meaning more picks for every rotation.
  • Vertical Carousels  have a greater pick rate: shorter wait time between picks can be organized whereas the VLM pan must be re-stocked before the next one can be picked, leading to longer wait times between picks.
  • Vertical Carousels have fewer moving machine parts resulting in longer mean time to failure. The Vertical Carousel is very mechanically robust .
Industrial Vertical Carousel (VCU)

Industrial Vertical Carousels are the heavy duty workhorses of automated high density vertical storage, with a load capacity up
to 1500 lbs. per carrier and heights varying from 8' up to 35'.

Office Light Duty Vertical Carousel with
a load capacity of 225 lbs. per carrier.

VERTICAL LIFT MODULE (VLM):  The VLM functions on a very different principle from the Vertical Carousel. Its structure consists of three towers, one behind the other, with storage in the first and third. An extractor in the middle tower acts like an elevator on which the product rides. VLM’s have the following advantages over other automated vertical storage:

  • VLM's provide denser storage per footprint and store a wider range of product sizes without sacrificing space.
  • VLM’s are ideal storage for sensitive electronic parts as only one pan moves per pick rather than the whole machine, resulting in less vibration.

Vertical Lift Modules are available in a wide variety of configurations from 4' to 10' wide and 550 lb. to 2200 lb. load capacity per tray.

SPECIALTY STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL UNITS:  Standard vertical storage can be tailored for your specific storage needs. Below are three examples by Vidir Vertical Storage Solutions, represented by ATI.

Wire Reel Carousel for storing a variety of different sized reels. It has accessories for measuring and cutting wire as an operator pulls it.

Wide Load Carousel (VCU) utilizes carriers much wider than usual for larger totes as shown here.

Wide Load VLM for very heavy duty bar stock or 4 x 8 sheet metal using cradles up to 20’ in length and 2000 lbs. and more load capacity