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You’re interested in purchasing a new or used carousel system!

You’ve looked at the carousel manufacturer’s software and found it doesn’t fit your needs. Or perhaps they’ve told you to adapt your business to their software design and architecture. Worse yet, you have an existing carousel system with old software that you’re outgrowing.

Well look no further! ATI Corporation, in partnership with E.D.G. Enterprises, Inc. (EDGE), can solve your software needs. EDGE has been supplying software for carousels since 1992. Our staff has years of software experience and in-carousel system installation, implementation, and integration. Our products are designed for the most common platforms – Windows, MS SQLServer and Oracle.

In addition, our software operates on every common carousel on the market.
We have customers that run different manufacturer’s carousels in a single location. How does this save you money? You have a choice in carousel brands and can negotiate for the best price when you want to add to your existing system.

Carousel Automation

Carousel Software Solutions
User Friendly Carousel Operations System


We have several products for carousel systems. Ranging from single computer systems designed to handle one pod of up to 12 Horizontal or Vertical Carousels, or Vertical Lift Modules to multi workstation systems with unlimited scalability. Of course, each has built-in host interface capability to communicate with your financial, ERP or MRP systems.

User friendly

Do you want User Friendly? How about Windows 7/8? Take a good look at the carousel operations screen to the left – a
GUI that emulates your system.


Scope is never an issue. We have implemented systems with over 20 carousels and conveyor. Our systems are sophisticated enough to handle every common (and a few unusual) system designs such as.....


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The edgEVOLUTION (EVOLUTION) Warehouse Management System  by EDGE is a strategic inventory management solution designed to operate inside the facility and outside the four walls extending value, efficiency and execution speed across the enterprise and extended supply chain. The system provides maximum flexibility to manage the vital resources that impact efficiency and peak performance within the distribution network with total connectivity to customers and suppliers.

With a myriad of capabilities and seamless integration, Evolution provides total accountability with complete audit tracking to minimize costly on-hand inventory, reduce labor costs, increase material management efficiency, worker productivity, and operations visibility to support “just-in-time” fulfillment.

Evolution utilizes state-of-art technology to maximize execution speed, velocity and performance across the Supply Chain. Every function, from Receiving through Shipping, Inspection to Tool Crib Management, from supplier visibility to customer connectivity, our system solutions and implementation services will significantly enhance Supply Chain Management (SCM) throughout the enterprise.

EDGE utilizes Client/Server technology for efficient execution speed within warehouse/distribution operations.....

Warehouse management system interface