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In order to develop solid solutions, ATI offers a wide range of services. Together they can be part of the development of a single system or they can be contracted individually, depending on your need.

Business Case Analysis

Business Case Analysis:

Economic justification analysis contrasts continuing the present day “as is” case versus modernizing operations.


Automation Software & Machine Communication

Automation Software & Machine Communication:

Consulting & Systems Design

Consulting & Systems Design:

Specification Development

Specification Development:

Operational, Software, and hardware specifications are detailed and supported in a logical development.



Product Mapping & Slotting

Product Mapping & Slotting:

 Conceptual location mapping and product slotting for most productive picking and stocking results.

Project & Site Management

Project & Site Management:

 This involves ATI’s supervision of all project details including scheduling, manufacturer certified mechanical and electrical installation, product transfer operations, commissioning, and training.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration:

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings:

ATI’s CAD artist provides timely plan views of the existing facility layout & proposed alternative designs.

Installation & Transition Management

Installation & Transition Management:

The importance of this service cannot be emphasized enough. To create a friction free transition from your old system to the new, ATI strategizes all the necessary tasks, timing and training required .

Post-Installation Audit

Post-Installation Audit:

Performance & operational metrics are measured and compared to projects targets. Investigations are made.