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Pick-to-Light for Carousels

PTL for carousels is commonly referred to as Light Directed Picking using vertical Light Towers and Horizontal Sortbars for pick and putaway functions and most importantly for high speed picking, the Batch Order feature. The primary benefit of this method is the availability of more cues for the operator to make accurate and informed storage and retrieval decisions. Locations, quantities, (part numbers and even messages) can be conveyed to the light displays. The number of characters has increased over time providing more information to the operator. The effect is to create paperless picking resulting in much higher rates of picking (over 400 per hour versus 50 for static shelving) and increased accuracy to 99.9%.

Pick-to-Light for Carton Flow and General Use

Put-to-Light and Pick-to-Light systems utilize an indicator incorporated within the storage site. Many indicators display the quantity of items to pick or put away. The operator authorizes the completion of pick or put by pressing a button the indicator module. There are other systems with additional built-in operations such enabling a “short pick” function within the system software in case there are a shortage of available items or to alert workers to replace the depleted stock at a site. In other sophisticated pick-to-light or put-to-light systems, infrared sensors are utilized to streamline production and prevent worker errors.

ATI partners with  Edge Enterprises to  create SMART warehouses where RF, voice, barcodes, tablets and software all work together seamlessly, as tools in the bigger picture of moving, handling, picking, and packing materials and products.








ATI and Edge partner to automate your warehouse storage needs.
Carousel equipped with a Pick to Light storage and retrieval system.