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By eliminating costly walk-and-
search time, carousel technology
can dramatically:

  • increase through-put up to 600% and pick accuracy to nearly 100%
  • Reduce personnel and make more efficient use of your space







ATI’s rebuild business covers the entire field of automated hi-density manufacturers: the German group of Remstar, Megastar and Hanel, plus the sole US brand, White Systems (now SencorpWhite).


Horizontal Carousels improve the efficiency of material handling by reversing the standard method of goods retrieval. Instead of distribution center personnel physically locating and retrieving the desired item, computer controlled technology locates and delivers it directly to the operator. Affordable high-speed picking dramatically improves accuracy, throughput and efficiency by eliminating costly walk-and-search time.

Applications of Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are used in a variety of settings to store and retrieve
items of different sizes, shapes and weights. Applications include:

  • High-speed order picking for less-than-case pieces, from nuts and
    bolts to videotapes
  • Stockroom storage: service parts, electronic parts, distribution,
    catalog orders, etc.
  • Manufacturing storage: tools and maintenance items, production kitting, etc.
  • Office storage: records and other office items, i.e. x-rays, etc.
  • Specialty storage: bulky items such as pallets, wire baskets, cases, etc.

Structure of a Horizontal Carousel

Each horizontal carousel consists of storage carriers connected by steel links that form a continuous loop. As many as four carousels can be combined into one ergonomically designed workstation operated by one personal computer.
The operator brings new orders to the floor via the shortest route, (automatically chosen by the carousel software), allowing faster picking rates of 200–400 lines and more per hour.


Benefits of Using a Horizontal Carousel

  • Higher throughput, improved productivity  =  lower costs, higher profits
  • Full inventory control and order management
  • Improved order accuracy and reduced inventory shrinkage
  • Avoid need for building expansion by more concentrated storage; build in instead of build out
  • Lower worker fatigue and higher employee morale
  • Less maintenance, less down-time than many types of material handling equipment

Advanced Features

These advanced features can maximize the efficiency of your equipment:

  • Interface to barcode equipment for maximum accuracy
  • Light directed picking for paperless operation
  • Weigh scale interface for efficient counting of small parts in large quantity
  • Comprehensive software control for integration of host interface for all types of host business applications