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Horizontal Carousels

Seal Products

Jody Stafford, the president of Seal Products, wanted to build the minimum size facility for his new business distributing seals and rings and further economize by using rebuilt equipment. He approached Automation Technologies to help finalize the design utilizing rebuilt horizontal carousels… accomplishing both objectives in one stroke. Operating Evolution Software (ATI and EDGE Enterprises) allows Seal Products to meet its inventory target of 10,000 items in four White Systems carousels and its daily pick rate while maintaining nearly
99.9% accuracy.  Jody complimented ATI for bringing the project in on time and on budget.

Horizontal Carousel System designed for Seal Products

Horizontal Carousels

Biolegend, Inc.

BioLegend manufactures cutting-edge antibodies and reagents for biomedical research in their state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, CA. One thing universally known about California is the high cost of real estate, thus expanding outward is very costly.  Biolegend had an additional crunch in its facility planning – the high cost of refrigerated space. ATI solved both issues at once by building a cooling room large enough to contain four Horizontal Carousels to store vials of product securely and at the proper temperatures. Much greater product storage density was achieved than multiple floor refrigerators, while utilizing  existing building space without construction building outward.

Evolution software provides the system glue connecting the workstation PC’s and the Host business software. It’s clearly legible screens and user friendly ability to navigate between functions made Evolution a smart choice. Now Biolegend picks with 99.9% reliability and delivers its product on time.

Horizontal Carousels being installed inside future cooling enclosure
Horizontal Carousels being installed in refrigerated space

Vertical Carousels

Amsted Rail

Amsted Rail services the railroad transportation industry. They needed a small parts vertical carousel to utilize the incredibly high ceiling in the large facility. They decided to economize with a rebuilt White Systems vertical carousel for their main repair department. Situating the unit right next to the track leading into the facility allows them to have point of use availability exactly in the location where small parts are needed most.

Vertical Carousel installed in repair department to access to small parts

Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Schroeder Industries

Schroeder applied automated hi-density vertical storage to their maintenance department by purchasing a rebuilt vertical lift module (Hanel Lean Lift) from ATI. This style of vertical storage enables them to storage a variety of different size items from small nuts/ bolts to large gear boxes. The Lean Lift screens their product height to match to the closest opening in the supports. They were able to consolidate an area, 25’ by 100’, of shelving storage into this single machine thus freeing all of that square footage for new duties like part fabrication and other tooling to support maintenance.


Vertical Lift Module (VLM) stores a wide variety of different size items and increases new work/ storage space.
Freed up space created by VLM installation provided 3 new work stations for production

Left: This VLM freed up enough space to provide 3 new work benches for production (bottom photo), and more!